Product Name:European Flying Chairs
Product Code:EFC
Price:RM 35,000.00

Product description:

Name: European Flying Chairs

Height: Approximately 8m

Space Required: 22m Diameter

Maximum Capacity: 18 people

Officers Required: 2 officers (one controls, one security)

Safety Precaution: Interlock on the seat between the legs. Handle on the chain itself.

Average Speed: 30 km/h

Recommended Group: Youth and Challenger.

Electricity Source: Electricity Generator

Setup time/ Retreat Time: 1 days (8 hours a day) / ½ day

Operator Comments: This ride is called is a trademark for modern theme park for excitement and enjoyment. The Ride is born in Newcastle, England in 2008 and had been transferred to Malaysia in 2011. With the exterior English design and classic wind blowing piece of machine, it will allow you to fly without wing.

Operator’s Star: 4 ½ Star

EFC -European Flying Chairs
Price: RM 35,000.00
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