Product Name:European Carousel
Product Code:EC
Price:RM 30,000.00

Product description:

Name: European Carousel

Height: Approximately 3.2 m

Space Required: 7 m (Diameter)

Maximum Capacity: 16 people

Officers Required: 2 to 3 officers (one control,
Two security)

Safety Precaution: No Seats belt, due to its slow speed. Parental attention needed

Average Speed: 20 km/h

Electricity Source: Electricity Generator

Setup time/Retreat Time: 2 days (8 hours a day) / 1 ½ day

Recommended Group: Family, Kids and Teenager

Operator Comments: Carousel is very attractive ride in any location, whether it is inside theme park, shopping mall, funfair, events, this ride is definitely will be your first choice. Newly invented in 2011.

Operator’s Star: 5 Star


EC -European Carousel
Price: RM 30,000.00
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