Product Name:Swinging Train
Product Code:ST
Price:RM 28,000.00

Product description:

Name: Magic Round Train

Diameter: Approximately 19 m

Maximum Capacity: 8 Children (2 Children one Train)

Total Train: 4 Trains

Officers Required: 1 officer (control)

Safety Precaution: Steel Rope to lock the entrance of every train

Average Speed: 5 km/h

Recommended Group: Only Children below years old

Electricity Source: Electricity Generator

Setup time/ Retreat Time: 1 ½ day (8 hours a day) / 1 day

Operator Comments: This ride is has its all for the growing children with beautiful landscape of dream in the morning and fantasy world. The train itself wills swings left and right that even give the junior a best riding experiences.

Operator’s Star Giving: 4 ½ stars

ST -Swinging Train
Price: RM 28,000.00
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