Product Name:Horse Riding
Product Code:HR
Price:RM 18,000.00

Product description:

Name: Horse Riding

Diameter: Approximately 6 m

Maximum Capacity: 12 Children (1 Children in every Horse)

Total Horse: 12 Horses

Officers Required: 1 officer (control)

Safety Precaution: Belts on every horse

Average Speed: 10 km/h

Recommended Group: Only Children below 10 years old

Electricity Source: Electricity Generator

Setup time/ Retreat Time: 1 day (8 hours a day) / ½ day

Operator Comments: Even though Horse Riding has been the very traditional rides since old time, but this rides remain the one of the most excitement moment for every generation kids. It’s give them a feeling of flying as the ride moving above the ground. Guarantee with tremendous feeling! 

Operator’s Star: 3 stars

HR -Horse Riding
Price: RM 18,000.00
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