Product Name:Little Cars
Product Code:LC
Price:RM 20,000.00

Product description:

Name: Little Cars

Space Required: 9 m X 6 m

Maximum Capacity: 10 Children (1 Children in every mini car)

Total Car: 10 Cars

Officers Required: 1 officer (control)

Safety Precaution: Car seat belts

Average Speed: 7 km/h

Recommended Group: Only Children below 6 years old

Electricity Source: Battery

Setup time/ Retreat Time: 1 ½ day (8 hours a day) / 1 day

Operator Comments: Provide the kids the right track before they learn to drive the real cars. Come with 10 units and permanent track to ensure the most comfortable yet safe for kids’ driving experience. Great outlook and great for photo session!

Operator’s Star Giving: 3 ½ stars

LC -Little Cars
Price: RM 20,000.00
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